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I obviously don't know the condition of any of the guns involved, but it sounds like a bad trade to me.

Ignore the Glock fans and Kimber/1911 fans pulling for you to stick with or switch to their favored platform. My point has nothing to do with which is a better gun. It's just a value question, and I think you would be getting the short end of that deal. If you want the Glocks, get them, but you don't need to get screwed in the process.

well my plan originally was to sell it, but there isnt anyone out there that wants to pay the money for it. Im also asking $950 for the gun when all the shops around here are asking $1,100 or more.
Someone will want it. You just have to post ads in the proper places. Look for a local firearms selling/trading site and arrange a sale. Post ads on gun forums. Post an auction on Gunbroker, if you have to.
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