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I do debur flash holes and uniform primer pockets, I see no reason to turn necks of cases for a standard chamber, if the rifle I was loading for had a match chamber and lapped lugs etc then maybe. I'm old enough to remember when Jack O'Connor thought a rifle that shot consistent 1 3/4" groups were as good as it got. My thinking has changed to look for and expect and accept nothing less than 1.25" grouping or less, if a rifle won't deliver that at a minimum it doesn't stay around long at my place. Any more I buy a new rifle to give me somthing to do plus a reason for getting out of the house. I will use weighed cases first and the same loading in unweighed cases and compare the groups. At the moment I'm looking for a Leupold scope to mount on the rifle, once the scope is on the rifle I'll start load developement. William
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