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I shot the match with my Series 70 Gold Cup, I let them figure it out. They put me in the "single stack" catagory.

I actually paid to shoot a second gun. I wanted to see which I shot the best, my Beretta 92FS or the Colt.

The colt won hands down, (shooting wise, I got a couple procedure penalites when I was shooting the Colt; Skipping a shooting station and shooting from the wrong box) but that was me, not the gun.

I can shoot the Colt better, but when it comes to loading, well 18 round mags beat 7 round mags. But again I've been shooting the Colt about 35 years vs. one year for the Beretta.

I thought a Colt Gold Cup was considered a modern pistol, but there were a few comments that it was older then most of the shooters at the match.

Thank God for cast bullets, you go through a heck of a lot of ammo shooting two guns at these matches.

All in All, I did pretty good for an over the hill rifle shooter.
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