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Your potential choices are all over the board. You need to narrow down the criteria some. First, do you want to pocket carry (in a pocket holster)? If so, that would leave the following possibles:

Ruger LC9
Kimber Solo
Sig 238

I threw out the Taurus pistols as they have an uneven reputation for quality. Some work great while others don't. Their customer service sucks. Their lifetime warranty means you'll be waiting a lifetime for warranty work --- okay, maybe that's a little over the top.

I love the Sig 238 and carry it. However, I would not recommend it for those not used to carrying with a single action, cocked and locked. In concept, the Ruger LC9 and Kimber Solo would be better because they are DAO. They can fit a decent sized pocket, not small ones.

My suggestion, however, is to look at the Kahr series, either the CW9 or the newly released CM9. The CW9 has a 3.6 inch barrel and the CM9 has the 3 inch barrel and holds one less round. The trigger pull is much better than either the Ruger or Kimber (at least dry firing).
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