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I picked up an old Charter Arms Undercover a few weeks ago. They are OK little 38 snubs but this one wanted to shoot left with most everything and it keyholed with my basic .38 reload.

I took a file to the right side of the front sight and knocked off about 0.040", touched up with cold blue and then ran another batch of reloads with the Hornady 158 SWCHP loaded out a tad longer to cut down on bullet jump. Zero is much better, the keyholing is gone and accuracy improved some. Shot this sitting on the ground and shooting over one knee this afternoon, 25 yards. Got four in 2 1/2" but tossed one right for 3 1/2" total. Not match accuracy, but not shabby for a snubnose either:

Don't know if it'll hang around long or not... I'm starting to wish it was a J frame.
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