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I carry an NAA Pug .22Mag on dog walks in my quiet little Texas town, but I wouldn't carry it for any other occasion ... .22Mag can certainly kill you, but a .38 or 9mm can be carried in a pretty small, light package and those calibers are more likely to be useful in an SD situation ... I agree that rimfires are more likely to misfire; I have that problem all the time with my 22a .22lr ... but the Pug has never had a misfire, maybe .22mags are better made (they ought to be, they cost enough more than .22lr) ...

and no offense, but I wouldn't try shooting any hog I've ever seen with a .22mag, unless it was tied up and 90 percent dead already ... those puppies can take a lot of damage from bigger rounds; I wouldn't go after one with anything less than a .357magnum ...
"The gun has been called the great equalizer ... It insures that the people are the equal of their government whenever that government forgets that it is servant and not master of the governed." --Ronald Reagan
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