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Ive used the Wilderness and a couple of other copies for about 15 years now. They are the most comfortable and wearable belt going. They adjust to any point along their usable length, with no need to try and hit a hole. Add or loose a little weight or bulk, and you can instantly and comfortably adjust.

I prefer the Wilderness belts over the copies, and their 5 stitch, 1.75 width belts specifically.

The only downside to them is, they tend to "look" like a gun belt to those who know what they are. Some of the better leather ones do too, but they tend to be a little more discrete and covert. Not that a belt specifically means youre wearing a gun, any more than a big pocket knife clipped to a front pockets, or your choice of footwear, or other apparel, but sometimes it pays to think about it.
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