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Anyone try a Sightmark Micro-Dot SM13001?

I'm furnishing a new AR build with a Nikon M223 scope in 2-8X32. I'm mounting it with a Burris P.E.P.R mount. Since the mount has picatinny rails on top, I'm considering mounting a "tiny" red dot scope on it.

I like the look of the new Micro Dot scopes. The first one I saw was an NC Star. I have a history with NC Star products... not good. Why MidwayUSA is selling them for over $80 eludes me...

During my search I came across a Sightmark Micro-Dot (also sold under Yukon). It looks like the same one that is marked NC Star, but is it the "same"? Is this a better quality one? Is it worth $80, as sold at B&H Photo?

My last choice would be the Burris Fastfire II for $210.

Granted, Cmore has a similar one for $300 and Trijicon now sells similar micro-Dots for $486. I can't see spending THAT much for a micro-dot! Even $200 is a stretch for me!

So, any real life experiences out there?
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