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I know this site has become a de facto CZ fan site of late, but I can't get on board at this point. The CZ 75 was near the top of my to-buy list until I actually shot one. I shot one with around 2,500 rounds through it, and I thought the trigger was awful. The gun was accurate, but it was no fun to shoot with that trigger.

I got my hands on a CZ 75 Compact a couple of days ago, hoping for an experience very different from the first one. Same miserable trigger -- plus four failures to feed in 150 rounds (both FMJ and JHP), which is not something I experienced on the first CZ. The trigger might be something that can be cleaned up nicely, but I'm not crazy about buying a new gun with such a bad out-of-the-box feel.

I only got to look inside the first CZ I shot, but I thought the internal metalwork was a little rough, too. It's accurate and it's probably quite durable, but it's definitely less refined than other offerings.
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