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  • 81. Cooke et al v. Hickenlooper: Filed: May 17, 2013 as 1:2013cv01300 at the US Federal District Court of Colorado. The suit seeks to enjoin the State from enforcing HB 1224 (13-1225) and HB 1229 (13-1229), on 2A and 14A grounds, as well as the ADA. The suit also asks the court to declare the laws unconstitutional and grant a permanent injunction against enforcement. David Kopel is the Attorney.
    • 05-17-2013 - Complaint Filed.
    • 05-13-2013 - First Amended Complaint filed.
    • 06-07-2013 - Defendants file their answer to the FAC.
    • 06-10-2013 - Defendants move to Certify the questions at the State Supreme Court (doc #26).
    • 06-12-2013 - Plaintiffs file a TRO and a MPI (doc #29).
    • 06-14-2013 - Plaintiffs respond to the Motion to Certify Questions.
    • 06-18-2013 - SCHEDULING ORDER: Discovery due by 11/1/2013. Dispositive Motions due by 12/2/2013. By Magistrate Judge Michael J. Watanabe.
    • 06-20-2013 - Pursuant to a inquiry by the court, Plaintiffs file a brief in support of the MPI (doc #37).
    • 06-21-2013 - Defendants file their reply to the order to Certify Questions.

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  • 82. Hall, et al. vs. City Of Chicago: Case #1:2013cv00441 filed Jan 18, 2013 in the Northern District for Illinois. This is an NRA funded case, headed by Charles Cooper and David Thompsom, Nicole Moss and Peter Parreson. Stephan Kolodziej is the IL attorney. This lawsuit targets the City of Chicago's ordinances that prohibit the carry of any firearm, outside the walls of the home. Uses their decision in Moore/Sheppard as its basis for relief.
    • 01-18-2013 - Complaint filed.
    • 03-14-2013 - Defendant Motions to dismiss case.
    • 04-04-2013 - Response to the MTD by plaintiffs.
    • 04-26-2013 - Reply by defendant.

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  • 83. Horsley v. Trame: case #13-00321, filed on April 1, 2013 in the Southern District of Illinois. Thomas G. Maag, attorney for the plaintiff. This lawsuit seeks to void that portion of the IL FOID law that prohibits 18-20 year olds from obtaining an FOID card for the purpose of owning/possessing a long gun.
    • 04-01-2013 - Complaint filed.
    • 05-03-2013 - Granted defendants Motion for extension of time to file a response.
    • 06-14-2013 - Defendants respond with an MTD (doc #7 & #8).
    • 06-24-2013 - Plaintiffs files response in opposition to MTD.
    • 07-18-2013 - Plaintiffs files MSJ.
    • 08-16-2013 - Defendants file a Motion to Stay MSJ.
    • 08-21-2013 - Plaintiffs file a reply to the Defendants Motion to Stay.
    • 08-30-2013 - Court delivers a scheduling order for Discovery.

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  • 84. National Shooting Sports Foundation Inc v. Malloy et al: Filed on July 8, 2013 in the Connecticut Federal District Court. Case #3:2013cv00958. Christopher Renzulli, attorney for the plaintiffs. Lawsuit seeks to nullify the recently enacted CT firearms laws on constitutional and procedural grounds and that the emergency enactment is therefore void.
    • 07-08-2013 - Complaint filed.
    • 07-29-2013 - State motions for an extension is time to file, until 10-08-2013.
    • 08-06-2013 - Court orders answer by 09-03-2013 (granted in part and denied in part).
    • 09-03-2013 - Defendants file a MTD.
    • 10-30-2013 - Plaintiffs file their Opposition to the Defendants MTD.
    • 11-13-2013 - Defendants file their Reply.
    • 12-02-2013 - The Court grants the MTD on Lack of Jurisdiction.
    • 12-03-2013 - The Court enters its Judgment.

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  • 85. Morris et al v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers et al: Case #13-cv-00336, filed on August 5, 2013, in the US District Court for Idaho. John L. Runft of Boise and James Manley of Mountain States Legal Foundation, attorneys for the plaintiffs. This lawsuit seeks to enjoin the Army Corps of Engineers from prohibiting firearms within its parks, campsites and other recreational areas that it oversees.
    • 08-05-2013 - Complaint Filed. MPI filed.
    • 09-05-2013 - Opposition to MPI filed by Defendants, Army Corps of Engineers.
    • 09-23-2013 - Reply to opposition filed by Plaintiffs.
    • 09-30-2013 - Unopposed Motion for hearing on the MPI.
    • 10-01-2013 - Motion to Stay case (due to shutdown).
    • 10-02-2013 - Stay is granted except for the hearing on the MPI.
    • 10-28-2013 - Stay is lifted and a hearing on the MPI is to be held on 12-05-2013.
    • 11-01-2013 - Defendants file MTD for lack of Jurisdiction, Mootness and Failure to State a Claim.
    • 11-19-2013 - Hearing is rescheduled for 01-07-2014.
    • 11-20-2013 - Notice of Authority filed by Plaintiffs (Chovan).
    • 11-25-2013 - Memorandum in Opposition filed by Plaintiffs.
    • 01-10-2014 - Defendants MTD, Denied. Plaintiffs MPI, Granted.

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  • 86. Young v. Hawaii, et al: Originally filed in the Federal District Court of Hawaii. Now, #12-17808 at the 9th Circuit. Like Baker, George Young is suing (pro se) to obtain a permit to carry. Additionally, Young is also suing to define the nature of "arms" as used in the 2A. Young lost at district court on Nov. 28, 2012 on MTD's filed by the State and the County for failing to state a claim of deprivation of federal rights, with prejudice (meaning it cannot be refiled by an amended complaint. This case picks up with the appeal to the CA9 with attorney Alan Beck (San Diego) for the appellant. Michel & Associates has picked up the case filings.
    • 01-02-2013 - Appellants opening brief filed.
    • 04-10-2013 - Appellees filed their answering brief.
    • 06-01-2013 - Appellants reply brief is filed.

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  • 87. Fisher v. Kealoha et al: Case #11-00589, filed on Sept. 28, 2011 in the Federal District Court for Hawaii. Donald Wilkerson attorney for the plaintiff. A permit to acquire was applied for and denied. An order to surrender all his firearms was then issued. Plaintiff is suing on violation of 2A, 5A and 14A grounds. The denial and order to surrender are based upon a 1997 conviction of misdemeanor harassment (wherein the judge at that trial subsequently ordered the return of Fisher's firearms), now being treated as a MCDV by the Honolulu police (13 years after the fact and 14 years after the Lautenberg amendment had passed).
    • 09-28-2011 - Complaint filed.
    • 12-09-2011 - Defendants City and County file a partial MTD.
    • 01-04-2012 - Corrected MTD filed.
    • 01-24-2012 - Another corrected MTD filed.
    • 03-19-2012 - Plaintiff files a MPI. Plaintiff also files an opposition to the partial MTD.
    • 03-26-2012 - Defendants reply to opposition to partial MTD.
    • 04-19-2012 - Order granting partial MTD by the City and County but denying partial MTD by Defendant Louis Kealoha's.
    • 05-23-2012 - Defendants respond in opposition the MPI.
    • 06-04-2012 - Plaintiff files his reply to the opposition of the MPI.
    • 06-14-2012 - Plaintiff files FAC.
    • 06-29-2012 - The court grants the MPI and orders HPD to rescind the denial of a permit to acquire and therefore issue the permit.
    • 07-27-2012 - Defendants Motion for Reconsideration of the PI.
    • 07-30-2012 - Defendants answer the FAC.
    • 08-24-2012 - Plaintiff files response in opposition to the Motion for Reconsideration.
    • 08-31-2012 - Defendants reply to the response.
    • 09-11-2012 - Order denying the Motion for Reconsideration.
    • 10-01-2012 - Defendants file notice of appeal of on MPI. CA9 #12-17199.
    • 10-31-2012 - Appeal voluntarily dismissed.
    • 02-01-2013 - Amicus curiae brief submitted by Hawaii Defense Foundation.
    • 02-25-2013 - Plaintiff files Motion for Permanent Injunction and MSJ.
    • 07-22-2013 - Defendants file memo in opposition to plaintiffs MSJ and file their own MSJ.
    • 07-23-2013 - Brady Center files amicus brief.
    • 07-29-2013 - Plaintiff files reply to defendants opposition and defendants MSJ.
    • 08-12-2013 - Hearing held and supplemental briefs ordered.
    • 08-13-2013 - HDF files its supplemental brief.
    • 08-22-2013 - All other supplemental briefs are filed.
    • 09-17-2013 - Hearing held on MSJ'
    • 09-30-2013 - Order grating in part and denying in part the MSJ. Order denying the Injunction (See doc 111 in the docket).

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  • 88. Shew v. Malloy: Case #13-00739, U.S. District Court, District of Connecticut (Hartford). This case is challenging almost the entire set of gun laws enacted by the State of Connecticut, after the Sandy Hook massacre.
    • 05-22-2013 - Complaint filed.
    • 06-11-2013 - FAC filed.
    • 06-26-2013 - MPI filed by Plaintiffs.
    • 07-12-2013 - Motion for Leave to File Amicus Curiae by NRA, Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF), Law Enforcement Action Network (LEAN) and International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA).
    • 07-13-2013 - Motion for Leave to File Amicus Curiae by Pink Pistols.
    • 07-15-2013 - Memorandom in Support re 14 MPI filed by NRA; ILEETA, LEAN and LELDF.
    • 07-16-2013 - Memorandom in Support re 14 MPI filed by Pink Pistols.
    • 08-09-2013 - Answer to amended complaint filed.
    • 08-23-2013 - MSJ filed by Plaintiffs.
    • 10-11-2013 - MSJ filed by Defendants.
    • 10-18-2013 - Motion for Leave to File Amicus Curiae by Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Connecticut Against Gun Violence, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Cleveland School Remembers.
    • 10-18-2013 - Memorandum in Support re 78 MOTION for Summary Judgment filed by Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, International Brotherhood of Police Officers, Major Cities Chiefs Association, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives.
    • 10-29-2013 - Response by Plaintiffs re Leave to file by Defendants Amici.
    • 11-22-2013 - Motion for Hearing Request on MPI.
    • 11-26-2013 - Order finding Request for Hearing on MPI, moot.
    • 12-10-2013 - Memorandum in Opposition to Defendants MSJ and Reply to Defendants Opposition to Plaintiffs MSJ.
    • 01-07-2014 - Response to Plaintiffs reply.
    • 01-21-2013 - Order concluding that no oral arguments will be held. Pending motions and merits of case will be decided forthwith.
    • 01-30-2014 - Decision. Plaintiffs MSJ, denied. Defendants MSJ, granted. Plaintiffs MPI denied as moot.

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  • 89. Kolbe et al v. O'Malley et al: Case #13-02841. Filed on Sept. 26, 2013 in the Federal District of Maryland. John P. Sweeny, attorney for the Plaintiffs. This lawsuit attacks SB281, a bill passed last year by the MD Legislature that introduced many more restrictions (into an already heavily restricted State) for MD gun owners.
    • 09-26-2013 - Complaint filed.
      09-27-2013 - Motion for a TRO filed.
      09-30-2013 - Response to TRO by Defendants.
      10-01-2013 - Order denying TRO.
      10-23-2013 - Defendants filed MTD for failure to state a claim.
      10-28-2013 - First Amended Complaint (FAC) filed by Plaintiffs.
      11-06-2013 - Response in Opposition to MTD filed by Plaintiffs.
      11-11-2013 - Second Amended Complaint Filed (SAC).
      11-22-2013 - Third Amended Complaint Filed (TAC).
      11-02-2013 - Defendants filed a MTD for failure to state a claim in the TAC.
      12-09-2013 - Response in Opposition to MTD filed by Plaintiffs.
      12-26-2013 - Reply to Response to MTD filed by Defendants.
      02-14-2014 - Motion for leave to file Amicus by Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence.
      02-14-2014 - Motion for leave to file Amicus by Brady Center.
      02-14-2014 - MSJ filed by Defendants.

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