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Very interesting stuff. I'm going to load up some .38 Super shells, or I should say, load down, to about 900 FPS with 150 grain bullets, I'm reasonably sure that would be a light load in these guns. When I was in Yuma the sporting goods store guys told me they carried .38 Auto, but I didn't own the guns then.

Since I have the dies it's cheaper and easier to load up some .38 Super than to find .38 Auto, and since I have no .38 Super guns but do have brass it won't be dangerous (accidentally mixing up .38 Super loads in these guns would probably be dangerous.) and I'd like to see how (if) they work.
One is blued and the other is nickle plated.

If anyone else has one of these please look and see if the FP is bronze. Thanks!
I have CNC produced 416 stainless triggers to replace the plastic triggers on Colt Mustangs, Mustang Plus II's, MK IV Government .380's and Sig P-238's. Video on installation in Sig; Plus Llama .32 and .380 recoil spring buttons, checkered nicely and blued.
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