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Well, that was fun!

I think I'll start looking at a forged frame Uberti in blue
So, I gather then that the stainless Uberti's are not forged? I came upon this thread after googling "uberti 1858 stainless target", since I was considering purchasing one.
I have noticed that a fine handgun begins to look all nasty under a 10X loupe, but have to say, my Pietta looks much better under the top strap than that Uberti, and there is absolutely no justification for that big pit in the back of the recoil shield.
I have CNC produced 416 stainless triggers to replace the plastic triggers on Colt Mustangs, Mustang Plus II's, MK IV Government .380's and Sig P-238's. Video on installation in Sig;
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