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I'm not going to repeat myself endlessly.

However, no one was talking about your home.

It was a business open to the public that gets services from tax payers. It invites people in.

Also, religion is protected. But that is a choice. How about that?

Change your religion.

It's voluntary, isn't it? I supposed it is voluntary to give up your right to protect yourself. Just as it is possible to give up your ability to worship Deity X in order to go to a store run by a property owner who says: NO Worshippers of Deity X can come into my store!

I regard the private property arguments as more a psychological and emotional appeal maintaining your terrority as alpha dude as compared to a rational view of the issue.

Agree with me or not. We have done this so many times before.

I can't say anymore on this. Enjoy your castle and cooperating with antigun rhetoric. I felt sorry for the gun show manager who had the choice of going out of business. That's why I want him or her to have legislative protection.
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