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Every Sphinx I've seen was in near-mint condition, and there's not much to look for. Some of the full-size .40 models seem to have had problems, but I've never heard of a problem with the 9mm models.

Parts can be a problem -- and you'll have to deal directly with Sphinx in Switzerland with the older models. Sphinx cannot ship mags -- Swiss law considers a mag a 'restricted" item. Some parts are that way, too.

Most CZ factory mags will fit, as will most Mec-Gar mags, but you probably need to see if they'll fit in the mag well before you buy. (At gun show, etc.) Pro-Mags fit in my CZ Compacts, but wouldn't fit in my Sphinx Compact. (Pro-Mags for CZ compacts were a better deal than factory mags, price wise, with similar good function; about the only ProMags I recommend.)

The customer service folks at Sphinxarms can speak English, and are very helpful. Their website is You can ask questions at My dealings with them have been limited, but they've been very helpful.

Most of the Sphinxs I've seen in the 2000 series, sell for $600 - $675, but you don't see a lot, so the price you paid may not be all that far out of line. Having one is a lot better than maybe getting one later, at a lower price.

If yours is a 2000P it is a compact, and you've got to be careful when buying magazines.

Here's a picture of mine (added later):

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