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Thomas H.:

Weaver sells Weaver style 30mm scope rings for Weaver style bases. They come as follows:

low, cat#WE49122 @ $17.01
low matte, cat#WE49121 @ 17.01
low stainless, cat#WE94131 @ 25.83
high, cat# WE49110 @ 17.01
high matte, cat#WE49120 @ 17.01
high stainless, cat#WE49130 @ 25.96

Millet makes them too:

Smooth rings, high, MIAL00018 @ $26.07
Matte rings, low, MIAL00716 @ 26.07
Matte rings, med, MIAL0717 @ 26.07
Matte rings, high, MIAL0717 @ 26.07

Include Burris:

30mm Zee Ring Pairs
High 30mm, BU420078 @ 26.76
High 30mm matte, BU42077 @ 26.76

All are listed by Spartan Shooter Supply @ 1-800-251-3904.

Shades of Die Niebelungenlied! This being America, you have not only a choice of ring finish, ring height, ring maker, you also can shop around for your own vendor! Happy Shooting.


Note: This posting is not a paid advertisement and does not constitute a commercial endorsement by either myself or TheFiringLine. Further, neither I nor TheFiringLine has any financial interest or ties with Spartan SS. If you don't believe me, "Go tell the Lacedaemonians."
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