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I would like to point out that Gary was till retirement an active "academic". He is a friend and a well known scholar of gun related issues. Trained as a psychologist, he went into criminology. He and Don have helped review some of my work. Kates is an awesome defender of the RKBA. Quite a hoot to hang out with. Go to dinner with him and some progun female academics sometime (female progun academics - now that will astound some). He carries his cell phone in a Glock Polymer holster.

We have shot together on several occassions, once with Dave Kopel.

Gary is a refined gentleman. We have eaten at Spago's together and shared a chocolate lava cake. At that occasion, Gary described his moose hunt and schlepping the meat out of the Canadian woods.

There is a large body of progun, peer reviewed scholarship which is very useful. Now isn't that surprising also.
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