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Showing a gun or guns here doesn't bother me. I live in an urban area of about half a million and my first name is Jim. Not something the average house thief can use to find me. If I bragged about doing something illegal, I might worry about a law enforcement agency being able to track me down. I know how that process works, both legally and technically. Sometimes it can be done, sometimes it can't.

My point is that if you use some common sense, you don't have to be worried about someone reading your posts, finding you, and robbing you. You just have to keep personally identifiable information out of your posts and out of your profile.
Jim's Rules of Carry: 1. Any gun is better than no gun. 2. A gun that is reliable is better than a gun that is not. 3. A hole in the right place is better than a hole in the wrong place. 4. A bigger hole is a better hole.

no guns = might makes right
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