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Rafter S Gunleather

My first attempt at purchasing a custom holster met with mixed results.

I fell in love with Rafter S products after searching for a while for a paddle holster for my Taurus 617. I placed the order by phone in January, paying with a card.

After two months, I emailed, inquiring about the order. No reponse. I waited a week or so and tried again. No response. Incidently, an emailed query about whether they could make a holster for that gun was answered in one day.

Finally, I called. The woman I spoke to said the gun was scheduled to be shipped the following week. This was early April. When it didn't show, I called again, and was told it was going out the first thing the following week. It finally showed up mid-April.

It's a wonderful holster, beautifully made. They're a small shop, I'm sure, so I didn't get too upset at the length of time it took. What bugs me, and what seems to be a common thread here, is the lack of attention to the customer. I spent almost $100 with them, but couldn't get them to answer an e-mail. If there's a delay, hey, stuff happens ... explain to the customer and most will be understanding.

All that said, I'd sure recommend their product. Dark cowhide with a lighter ostrich band at the top. Great stuff.
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