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JDG .. one of the keys to this particular class ... the parents' bedroom is on the ground floor, their three children are upstairs. In that case, the instructor first completely redid the parents' plan for their children, having them gather in a different bedroom which was easier to barricade. However, the parents obviously had to come out of the bedroom to protect their children, and a lot of what we did was based on that need. my wife and I live in a one-story home, no kids, so we would be closer to your plan; use the cell to call 911, get behind the bed with the Surefire and the 1911 and wait for help -- or an invasion of our bedroom ... we had a few neighbors in a few weeks after the class, those we know are armed and interested, and went over what I had learned. At least one family installed outside lighting and began locking the fence to their backyard ...
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