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It looks like velocity was the key. I assembled a small batch(5) using new unfired Rem brass, 19.8 gr of Alliant 2400, and a 240 gr Lead HP. All 5 shots hit the target straight on, no tumbleing. Accuracy was fair, but acceptable, but I wasn't trying for group size, I was more interested in how the slugs would hit the paper. The load is below the published max, but seemed pretty mild leading me to believe I am still not getting a good tite crimp. I also loaded up 30 FMJ 240 gr over 9.8 gr of Unique. These continued to group very well when I did my part at 25 yards. As far as the Winchester's accuracy is concerned, it isn't a match rifle by any stretch, but I did get a nice tite (a little under 1 7/8 inch) 5 shot group(the other 4 shots opened up the group to just under 4 inches)at 50 yards, using some Cowboy loads I had purchased. Considering the intended use( a plinker, and possible hog killer) of the Trapper, this is, IMHO, very acceptable performance. I think the potential is there, but the short light action and relatively heavy trigger don't help matters any. Unfortunatly the range I shoot at limits shooting to paper targets. I think the 2400 and 240 gr LHP would be a great can getter. I did manage to throw a good scare into a stick of wood laying on the hill behind the target holder though. It looks like I am on the right track as far as putting together a cost effective informal training load. I would have preferred a milder load, but the 2400 and 240 seem to be pleasant to shoot, so I can't complain too much. Thanks for the help on this one guys, looks like it paid off.

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