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I'm sure those here justifying LE planting a gun on an innocent person to cover up what may be, given the benefit of a doubt, a tragic mistake, or at worst a crime, are joking. at least I hope you are.
Sammy nailed it for me. I'll make it a little clearer.

I've been a cop a long time. This "throw down gun" crap was wrong when Jordan was advocating it, and it's wrong today. This is called "tampering with evidence" or "hindering prosecution" in most jurisdictions, and it's usually a felony. When cops commit offenses against the administration of justice, the whole system turns upside down. These things need to be identified for what they are- FLAT wrong.

If you're gonna carry a gun, you better have the training and judgement to to use it well- and the guts to face the music afterward.

The book is well worth reading- but Jordan, despite his many contributions to law enforcement weapons and equipment, did NOT walk on water.
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