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Just out of curiosity(sp), what was he a felone for? Drugs, didn't pay his taxes, what?

I know that it gets into his background and maybe that shouldn't come into play but if he had a history of violence then maybe the SWAT team didn't think it wrong to stage a raid.

And, the gun, where did he supposily get ahold of it? I think I read that post right but please, tell me again because I'm not sure if I did.

As for the flashbangs, the reason that they wouldn't have used them is due to meth labs are highly toxic. With the chemicals that they use and then the stuff that is left behind is highly toxic and flammable. When they bust a place here, they have to do a six month clean up just to make the place livable.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not trying to insult you, give your friend a bad name, or such. I am very interested in knowing all that I can because if this was a cop style excecution(sp) then they should be brought up. But, even with the pictures that you took, all I can conclude is that yes, this person is dead and the LEO did go to a grand jury hearing.

I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt on this one. I'm not an LEO hater, I respect them if they give me the same respect. I know that they have to decide split second decisions when they go on a raid and I believe that the no-knocks and taking/acting on tips from informants, especially ones that have everything to gain from saying something, even a lie should be looked at closely and reformed. Too many innocent people, like that lady who died from heart failure and some others, have been wrongly killed because it was the wrong house or the informants tip was wrong.

Unless I am certain in my heart and my soul, I refuse to go off half-cocked and dive into an issue when I don't have all the facts. This is the tactic of the gun-banners and anti-gun groups and they make themselves look more and more stupid as the days go by. I have only a few things in my life and my credibility is something that I can't afford to lose. I've lost it before and I will say that it's an empty feeling.

If you can provide the police reports and also interview the witness (this way, there can be a side to side comparasion of each) then I'm with the others at the moment.

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