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Ladies and Gentlemen:

Just my humble opinion, uninformed as most here appear to be.

IF the shooting went down the way the lady said it did, it was WRONG. Period. Whether the decedent was drug dealer, child molester or (with apologies to Woody Gurthrie) a father-raper. IF it happened the way she said, the guy who fired the shots should be fired and prosecuted. Some others ought to be fired and prosecuted for complicity in a murder as well.

However, I really have my doubts that happened just like she said. Law enforcement in this country just doesn't murder people that way very often. They are trained not to, pay a huge price when they mess up, are under constant scrutiny, have absolutely NO incentive to murder people, and, I think, do NOT become officers to kill people, not even bad people. Murdering someone, even a scumbag, is waaay too much trouble to do on purpose. If accidental, covering it up is still way too much trouble to attempt intentionally.

Just do a search on TFL about people who have shot people justifiably. They pay a colossal price, time-wise, money-wise, anxiety-wise, etc., even when they end up being vindicated.

If she isn't telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, SHE needs some serious perjury prosecuting.

It'll come out in the wash.....
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