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I was informed you people was talking about this case, I've talked with all the iowa congressman and senators. I tried to show the facts to them and they wont look.

fact that a cop on the other side of Iowa is going to stand trial for voluntary manslaughter
That cop was with the swat team Dec 17. Not on the other side of the state, but in the house they raided and wanted to shot the guy. How do I know that..
But it this way,
A lone farm house at 5:30am, someone is making all kinds of racket in your yard, The wife yells out the window "who's out there" and no one answers, Then the door gets kicked in.....Most people would be packing a gun to see what the ***** or who is breaking in........Good thing for Pat that he left that pistol laying in the bedroom.

This cops are out of control and have taken control...

how about 5 police reports that forgot to mention the withness that they had for 7 hours with them????? I got them paper too............

I know the facts, because I have investigated the case and throw 70 paper across the table to the County attorney and the Sheriff.

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