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/*would you mind telling us where your information comes from concerning this incident. */

You are unintentionally arguing our point without realizing it. The fact that we have no concrete information about what went on is what we are up in arms against. When someone dies a violent death at the hands of the police, there needs to be an accounting of how and why it happened, same as if you or I were involved. This is even more important if there is a plausible scenario (like the stolen cop gun) that the police acted outside the public good and instead were driven by revenge.

This guy was acquitted by the grand jury, but it was a grand jury that the county attorney even resented calling, and no one has heard a peep about what was said by who, how they decided the SWAT guy was exonerated, and every other major question left unanswered. Heck, I would let the SWAT guy off if he said, "Heck, I choked and shot at the first thing that moved, I was so scared."

The only excuse I won't accept is no excuse at all, and the fact that a cop on the other side of Iowa is going to stand trial for voluntary manslaughter under the almost exact same circumstances, (His maybe even more excusable) REALLY casts this whole thing in a bad light.

Here, some of you are arguing against me and haven't even read an account:
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