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Doper felon's girlfiend: "Cops bad - they shot honeybro dealer!"
Sensationalizing newsreporter: "Doper felon's girlfriend said cops bad, shot honeybro dealer. Doper felon's girlfriend said Honeybro dealer didn't do anything wrong."
Artsmom: "Cops bad - doper felon girlfirend said so! Constitution says all innocent until proven guilty - cops need to be convicted of murder cause they didn't drag honeybro felon to judge before shooting him!"
Grand jury: "Upon careful review of all the facts available, we find there was no criminal act in the shooting of honyebro dealer. The shooting was justifiable." Constitutional due process requirement fulfilled.
Artsmom: "Cops bad - Honeybro dealer innocent until proven guilty in a court of law! Hang the cops cause they won't tell me what happened!" Ignores Constitutional due process requirement and grand jury findings...

I get it, sigh. Enough pulling of my hair over this, it's thin enough.
What part of "... shall not be infringed..." don't you understand?

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