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Okay, if we are going to play games such as "...she was with a felon, we can't believe her", then we are going to have to assign substantial weight to the assertion, "If the SWAT guy is innocent, why is he hiding behind the 'No Comment' dodge? An innocent man wouldn't be afraid of the truth."

I am not surprised, but more than a little concerned, that more than a few are willing to write his death off because of his past record and what they found in the house. IF you believe in the Constitution, this guy was innocent until he is dragged before the judge. If you believe, that is.

Calling the grand jury was an afterthought, and wasn't really considered until the Omaha World-Herald asked the County Attorney. He commented that they never usually call grand juries just because a cop kills someone. (In Nebraska, it is required when a law enforcement officer kill someone, or someone dies in custody.)
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