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Black Eye for SWAT Teams, Police

How does a supposedly highly trained SWAT officer shoot an unarmed man (twice) during a raid to retrieve a fellow cop's gun, which he left unattended in the front seat with a known drug addict?

If my 12 year old son accidentally shoots a hen pheasant in the excitement of a close flush, he would get a ticket from the game warden. If I accidentally shoot a farmer while deer hunting, I go to prison for manslaughter. If Barney Fyfe shoots a hole in the Mayberry Courthouse, he gets 20 seconds of canned laughter and a chewing out by Sheriff Andy. This SWAT team guy just walked Friday from a grand jury in Iowa, with "No comment." being the official mantra from everyone concerned.

Disgusting for the general public, embarassing for anyone who carries a badge. (Moderator, this may be posted in the wrong place, please move or delete if needed.)
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