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Hey, yes my email is current and correct. If you have any difficulties you can also email them to me at (This email is actually my preferred).

I've not heard of the R870 Mk1. Sounds like another interesting twist. I should have realized that the 7188 would be similar to the 1100. The 11-87 didn't come along until the late 80s (87?), I guess.

I've not heard that the 1100 was finicky with fouling or particular loads. I had one fella tell me to stay away from the 11-87 as it was more prone to jamming than the 1100.

However, my firearms instructors (former Orange Gunsite instructors)thought the 11-87 would do just fine. I seriously considered simply buying a magnum 870 and heavily modifying it. However, I've had enough nightmare experiences w/ smiths working on pistols (most aren't worthy of the title).

I thought it over and said "screw it." Bought the 11-87 which is almost exactly the way I want it out of the box. The very first shell out the barrel was sluggish on ejection. After that though, Watch Out!!

I think its plenty light, short and very handy. I was surprised with how well it grouped with that IC. This 11-87 is a keeper.


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