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  1. Gun Regulations We Can All Support
  2. Illinois CCW?
  3. ABC Poll about banning AR15 Type (assault) rifles
  4. Here What Happens When You Ban GUNS!
  5. Is the story changing?
  6. Did NBC David Gregory commit Felony on Live TV in Washington DC?
  7. Second amendment rights, national association for gun rights
  8. How much power does the POTUS really have?
  9. Link to White House petition to ban legislation against "assault weapons"
  10. Media Intimidation of Lawful Firearm Owners
  11. A must watch!!
  12. A National Gun Buy Back Program?
  13. A few thoughts
  14. White Plains prints a map of all the legal gun permit owners houses
  15. Clinton Era/Assault Weapons Ban Question.
  16. Ban Details Are Out (Press Release)
  17. letting my brotherinlaw borrow my handgun ???
  18. mail AR receiver?
  19. We need to push for MORE Firearm Rights
  20. New Yorkers: Close the Pistol Permit Records
  21. The Reason For The 2nd Amendment
  22. Details of Feinstein's new gun-ban bill
  23. Help me understand.
  24. Was there ever a state's right challenge to the Clinton AWB?
  25. Understanding Grandfathered "assault" weapon reqts
  26. Draft Letter Against Gun Ban - Feel Free to Use
  27. New CA Idea: State permit requirement to buy ammo or target shoot.
  28. NRA vs GOA
  29. How are things different than in 2008/2009?
  30. Very good article on AWB written by a Democrat!
  31. My petition to ban all infringements on the 2nd A
  32. How's This For a Pro-Gun Argument?
  33. First amendment protections for the use of firearms
  34. The reason for the 2nd Amendment
  35. The reason for the 2nd amendment
  36. Dick's Sporting Goods Customers Threaten Class Action Suit
  37. Helping People Understand the Issues ... What is an assault rifle?
  38. Celebs Speak Out Against Guns
  39. A link to write ALL your Reps. & the White House in one email...
  40. weapon used at newtown?
  41. Gun Control: the Objectivist Response
  42. Illinois gun ban/confiscation
  43. VA Now Honors IN. NM St Parks. NRA/GOA/CCRKBA/St.Orgs/Etc. Civil Discourse
  44. U.S. Marine's Letter To Dianne Feinstein "No Ma'am"
  45. Media report; NY newspaper office under armed guard....
  46. National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban Formed‏
  47. Gun Seizures Called for by Legislator in Iowa
  48. Petition: Help Protect the Second Amendment
  49. gun ban history
  50. Magazine ban 2013?
  51. What do WE want?
  52. Interesting Policy Change in CT (Hoffman's)
  53. ten gun bills introduced today - action item
  54. Molon Labe postcards.
  55. summary of the 2013 AWB legislation: from Dianne Feinstein's
  56. illinois resident, keeping the firearm in Indiana
  57. Open carry while visiting another state?
  58. Why don't we just say it plainly? (Armed people don't get massacred)
  59. I am not a criminal
  60. Looking for Legit "120 specifically-named firearms" List
  61. Wishful thinking or maybe not
  62. Some things are timeless....
  63. Local Ban Question
  64. Here is a glaring example of laws we have, that are not effectively enforced:
  65. How likely is another AWB and high cap ban?
  66. H.R.21 - background checks and more
  67. Founding Father's 2A insight
  68. Here's why we can't allow ANY legislation banning certain guns
  69. Guns in Church, SCOTUS gives it a pass for no guns.
  70. Stolen Rifle
  71. Just submitted a question on CCW to the Texas DPS
  72. The fearmongering of the mentally ill
  73. Feinstein's Draft Bill. Text?
  74. Interesting statistics from the FBI
  75. Wyoming Firearm Protection Act
  76. President Obamas Executive powers
  77. "Stop and Frisk" Program in NYC
  78. I think I saw something very interesting on an ABC special with Diane Sawyer
  79. Washington State, Use Tax, and FFL's.
  80. Flash - Urgent - Online Discussion with Senator Kline in roughly 1 hour.
  81. Why US-UK crime rates is apples to oranges
  82. Media Campaign
  83. Biden: Obama exploring executive order regarding gun control
  84. New York State - State of the State address
  85. True motivations of gun grabbers
  86. E-mail Walmart now!!!
  87. Bulk purchases: How many rounds are actually fired in mass killings?
  88. SHAMED!
  89. Michael Moore Interview: Possible GAME CHANGER
  90. Practical considerations in closing the "loophole"
  91. Stay focused and take action!
  92. My case for having Hi-Cap mags
  93. A question to the members
  94. Help from Obama Care
  95. Firearm Owner Protection
  96. Bills in the 113th Congress, 01/10/2013
  97. What % of gun sales are private?
  98. Question about California gun laws
  99. Biden's Meetings with Interest Groups
  100. Am I just now getting this?
  101. Sometime the best defense is a good offense
  102. Where is the NRA?
  103. Inconvenient Truth!!
  104. Guns Across America -- Sat. Jan. 19
  105. The 2A greatest freedom
  106. Wyoming making their own rules
  107. 1994 AWB "watered down" Someone help me out, please
  108. MSNBC Poll On Whether You Would Send Your Kids To School With Armed Teachers
  109. The Dick Act of 1902 our lost friend?
  110. Senators Up For Re-Election in 2014
  111. What is possesion?
  112. keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally ill ?
  113. Sign this petition from Ruger
  114. CT senator to attempt a ban on all but single-shot weapons
  115. Gun Facts report
  116. Simple Question: Illinois and FOID
  117. ATF scrutinizing shop record in December 2012
  118. If the feds want to pass laws, here is one for them
  119. 2A quiz on CSM
  120. Gun appreciation Day Rockland County, NY
  121. 2nd Amendment March Question
  122. Obama: Some Gun Control Measures 'I Can Accomplish Through Executive Action'
  123. Truth about Sandy hook
  124. Montpelier, Ohio school district votes to allow custodians at schools to be armed
  125. New York State Gun Control - Passed!
  126. Is this scenario possible?
  127. Easy way to write your representatives
  128. Texas law makers want to make any gun ban or restrictions illegal
  129. Quick link to write your congressman and protect gun rights
  130. Double-Take from NPR
  131. Good News for Ohio CCW Permit Renewel
  132. New Jersey Pro-Gun Rally
  133. The Chicago way, now shut up.
  134. Million Man March...?
  135. Good Guy Lists vs. Bad Guy Lists
  136. Some things can't be legislated
  137. Can NY residents still buy powder and primers without a background check?
  138. Class Action Lawsuit worth it?
  139. the new ban regulations
  140. "Gun Show Loophole"
  141. World-wide, Gun Bans Breed Defiance
  142. Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) to Support Gun Control
  143. PLEASE, No Sitting on the Fence
  144. executive orders
  145. Revolvers Vs. New York Law
  146. so what's the bottom line?
  147. Boycott NY?
  148. number of M-4 variants and magazines in private hands
  149. Magazine repair kits and the '94 AWB
  150. 5 easy steps to defend your Second Amendment rights:
  151. Presidential Press Conference
  152. Obama's big idea
  153. Sign the petition!
  154. List of Executive Orders
  155. Why the thread closures?
  156. New Yorkers: Sign Senator Marchione's Petition to Repeal NY's Ban
  157. Why are the mods so scared of the discussions about gun control?
  158. Executive Orders: Read First
  159. Scope base/rings retricted from int'l sale?
  160. New York's New Law RE Travel
  161. The only form of gun control I will support!
  162. Tyrannical Governments Enabled by Gun Control Post
  163. MA Governor following NY's Lead
  164. Outdoor Channel Law Suggestion
  165. Wrong Focus on Controls
  166. my pistol magazine
  167. Minnesota Sheriff Shows REAL Common Sense Re: 2A
  168. HIPAA VS Executive Orders
  169. Poll: ME, NH, VT - which has the best 2A future?
  170. The Case for 2nd Amendment
  171. Virginia Members - Anti-Gun Legislation Alert - Hearing Starts Tonight!
  172. I'm Applying For A NJ CHL
  173. one swoop of the pen....
  174. Just posted this on my local newpaper's comments section
  175. Libel and Firearm Miscategorization
  176. Using the CDC for Firearms Reseach
  177. Virginia Members-Another Alert!-Senate Courts of Justice Committee Hearings on Friday
  178. The difference between the USA and Australia
  179. 113th Congress: House Bills 223-306
  180. Illinois IGOLD rally 2013 March 6
  181. Arkansas: 89th General Assembly
  182. Private restaurant posting a no guns permitted sign
  183. A Gun Ban That Misfired
  184. The Facts About Assault Weapons and Crime
  185. Sign this petition to have NY law repealed
  186. NJ Moving "Ahead"
  187. White House petition, please sign1
  188. Raleigh, NC GRNC Rally Rescheduled
  189. Contact all of your representatives with one click!
  190. Is this a cause for concern?
  191. Understanding Liberty- Why Assault Weapons Should Not Be Banned
  192. Petitioning the White House
  193. Floida Sen. Bill Nelson's reply to my e-mail
  194. Buying ammo in Illinois without a FOID?
  195. Operation Home Embargo
  196. Seeking Advice re: AR-15 in CT
  197. Congressional Subcommitte on the Constitution Report from 1982
  198. Stolen Gun - Advice
  199. The MA Proposals
  200. Hypothetical Second Amendment Scenario
  201. Legality of AR-15 in NY state
  202. The Opposition to Obama and Gun-Control is Rapidly Growing.
  203. New NY Law appears to limit # of firearms that can be owned
  204. Miller v. "Assault weapons bans"
  205. NY Plan that was rejected
  206. Registered pistol crime stats?
  207. funny question
  208. If a Ban Goes Through...
  209. Gunshow sale query
  210. H.R. 226: turn in your guns for a tax break
  211. Assault weapon banned failed in 1997, North Hollywood shootout
  212. NY Assault Weapon Defined
  213. Call to the people of the United States of America
  214. civilian marksmanship program
  215. WOW Ruger web site!
  216. New York
  217. Petition
  218. Great point in right to own guns debate
  219. Question about obtaining another FFL
  220. Second Reply from Fla Sen. Nelson
  221. question about "arms" in 2nd amendment
  222. S&W pulls out of Sports Show!
  223. Why does the government want your guns?
  224. Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum
  225. Heller + Miller = Ban on AR-15's and Semi-Auto pistols unconstitutional?
  226. Sen. Reid Proposes Sandy Hook Legislation
  227. political parties and judges
  228. DHS Endorsement of the AR15 "Sport rifle for personal defense"
  229. Philadelphia paper gun incident
  230. Biden "fireside chat" on gun control, Thurs. Jan 24 1:45PM ET
  231. Speaker Announcement - Collin County, TX (just north of Dallas)
  232. why dont pro gun states establish a militia
  233. Groupon suspends firearm related daily deals..
  234. A message to my Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell
  235. NYPD...More Shenanigans...
  236. How gun owners are like sex offenders.
  237. Utah constitutional carry
  238. Great Article!
  239. Feinstein's List of Weapons to be Banned
  240. Will a National AWB Be Passed During the 113th Congress Session?
  241. Tally the votes! Responses from Congress.
  242. Feinstein's other list
  243. Freedom of Speech
  244. Would you support mandatory firearm education?
  245. Response From Dave Reichert D WA
  246. Kennesaw, GA -- The only place in America where gun ownership is mandatory
  247. AZ friend needs legal advice...
  248. Feinstein Gun Control Bill to Exempt Government Officials
  249. GEICO is anti gun....read
  250. How the Senate Will Attempt to Pass Gun Control