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  1. PFC training ?
  2. Visually Assessing Threats
  3. How many do you shoot?
  4. CSAT
  5. Shooting with both eyes open
  6. Being able to hit what you aim at with a Handgun
  7. IPD Systems Class-Berlin,CT May 3rd
  8. Advanced Operator's Diagnostics and Repair Course for Glock Pistols
  9. EP/PPS/PSD Training
  10. where to shoot in Flagstaff
  11. Do you carry at home - Why do people feel safe at home?
  12. Police officer ambushed
  13. Rangemaster Training
  14. When to use what for self defense.
  15. Aiming with front sight?
  16. Room clearing with BIG uppers
  17. How do you become a CCW instructor? (NV)
  18. House Design
  19. Good tactics by police????
  20. Massive Tijuana gun battle
  21. ears protection for home defense
  22. Sheep, But Not Food
  23. Road Rage Today. What would you do?
  24. Your most anticipated time of need?
  25. CCW badge...
  26. May Rangemaster Newsletter
  27. Shooting w/ both eyes open...
  28. Best Technique Ever for 2 Eyes Open Shooting
  29. Shooting Stance
  30. rifle vs revolver, hd
  31. A real life Scenario Advise.
  32. Convoy : question about distance
  33. Bullet proof door
  34. electric fence, dogs?
  35. Going Deaf
  36. Night sight observations...
  37. Do NOT carry center of back....
  38. After action report: Tactical Response - The Fight (Force on Force)
  39. A car break-in in progress
  40. caught a thief in the act, my dog was attacked, perimeter defense
  41. Where To Carry Concealed
  42. Mousegun tactics
  43. Sf Swat
  44. For those that advocate birdshot
  45. NW Louisiana has something to offer
  46. 4-H Shooting Sports donations?
  47. What would you do?
  48. Pepper Spray all aspects
  49. the gun you have vs the gun at home
  50. Shooting left
  51. Scenario : alone in the car in a parking lot
  52. Going down stairs
  53. Is it enough?
  54. Gang Attacks at California Fuel Stations
  55. Its not always clear cut when you shoot someone
  56. I need your opinions on having to draw my weapon.
  57. Lighting with regard to HD
  58. I can't wait to shoot my friend's CZ SP01
  59. Text of Wisconsin Statutes Regarding Legal Self-Defense
  60. New Way to Car-Jack - Heads Up
  61. off hand shoot
  62. Revisiting the Bernard Goetz scenario
  63. Where (on your body) do you carry?
  64. Would this work in a dangerous situation?
  65. Assessment of cover in a laundromat.
  66. Point Shooting Progression with Sweatnbullets AAR
  67. WOW... did I just learn alot about carrying in my state...
  68. Full auto Submachine gun vs shotgun
  69. Concealed carry locations wearing a suit
  70. Supporting troops, and ranges in NW Georgia.... help?
  71. NRA training - is it worth it?
  72. non-resident CT carry permit
  73. Carry a firearm from the US to Venezuela?
  74. THE Most Important Element in Self-Defense?
  75. Off Limits Holster Carry
  76. Simunitions
  77. Active Shooters
  78. Wanted to know about dealing with carjackings...
  79. Back Up Gun Carry - WHERE
  80. A completely REALISTIC tactical scenario
  81. Back up Knife?
  82. 1st CCW situation
  83. How do you deal with an aggressive political protester??
  84. MARPAT Camouflage
  85. Need a Rifle Range in GA...
  86. Sticky rubber grips
  87. Accepted to LFI 1
  88. Why do you carry?
  89. Gas Theft - What to do about it
  90. Review - Louis Awerbuck - Tactical Shotgun Level 1
  91. My take on using handgun sights...
  92. Why not carry the .22 and .25acp as a primary defense gun?
  93. Tactical Flashlight
  94. Where do you shoot?
  95. Aftermath of a shooting (my story)
  96. Teach your children well...
  97. EAG Classes, 2008
  98. Yikes!! Prowler Episode JUST NOW!!
  99. To peek or not to peek
  100. I failed to report this. And failed elsewhere!
  101. what happened at the Shopping Center
  102. engaging moving targets and targets at varying elevations
  103. Heads up! Basic Defensive Shotgun class in september at Tac-Pro.
  104. Citizen's arrest - what's the low-down?
  105. New SAFE/FUN way to train???
  106. Building a new house, need security advise
  107. Toddler beat to death
  108. How would this disarming technique work?
  109. Gun Permit
  110. Carry Method
  111. Concealed Carry at Work
  112. Why give up your right to carry in a shopping mall????
  113. Audio Stress Inoculation?
  114. Homeowner Kills Home Invader with Deer Rifle - Will DA prosecute??
  115. More Details on Sutherlin, OR Home Invasion Shooting
  116. Different ammo weights best of both worlds??
  117. Im new here....
  118. Where to practice?
  119. AAR EAG Carbine Boone County IN 20-22June 2008
  120. AAR EAG Carbine 16-18June 2008
  121. Aguila mini shells ( 12 ga ) for home defense ???
  122. Would YOU Open Carry???
  123. Switching between double action and single action pistols....
  124. Actually getting shot...
  125. Court Documents Released for Sutherlin, OR Shooting: More Details Emerge
  126. going down the basement stairs
  127. Practicing with multiple pistols?
  128. Training the Immediate Action Drill
  129. Living 12 miles from the border
  130. New Guy Sez... Home Def Responses?
  131. Valhalla question
  132. An honest debate on why our carry cartridge needs power
  133. Multiple loaded guns in the house
  134. open carry
  135. The House next door got burglarized: A few tips
  136. Separating Different Trigger Pulls
  137. Open Carry Vs. Concealed Carry
  138. Is a .32 good carry
  139. New (to me) Shooting Technique - Comments?
  140. EAG Carbine Alliance Ohio 06-08Aug 2008
  141. Home invasion escape plan
  142. CCW in VA
  143. Texas Concealed Carry Laws
  144. Will a 12 Gauge Loaded with BB Shot Stop a Man Effectively??
  145. To shoot or not to shoot. That is...oh, you get it.
  146. New FL CCW soon (hopefully)
  147. How often do you practice drawing your CCW?
  148. Using your thumb to assist with a trigger pull?
  149. "Here Come the Cops ! NOW What Do I Do?'
  150. Gun on Mantle - Good Idea?
  151. Rail lights and home security
  152. Justified to Shoot?
  153. How to NOT shoot
  154. Real World Self Defense: Snubbie 1st, Mid-Sized Auto 2nd (If Necessary)
  155. OODA Loop & Combat Mindset
  156. Front sight and target together!!??
  157. SD shotgun and handheld light
  158. Homeowner Shoots Burglar-911 Tape Link
  159. Actual Situations
  160. IWB open carry methodology
  161. new shooter
  162. HELP! Am entering a real bad Scenario! Please help
  163. How to improve pistol shooting
  164. August Rangemaster Newsletter & Incidents
  165. Bug out communications options
  166. "After the Dust Settles...": Liability Insurance for CCW-ers ?
  167. Street Shooting Classes
  168. Defending 3rd party against stranger vs known person
  169. Identifying the threat
  170. Shooting with two eyes open
  171. Tiger Mckee Carbine Class - Baton Rouge, LA - Sept 20, 2008 - 2 or 3 day format
  172. Medications and readiness at night
  173. Mass. Police Firearms Conference
  174. primary defense gun
  175. did you ever have to use you gun in a sd situation?
  176. Training question?
  177. Trigger Reset
  178. What does it take to become an NRA trainer for Basic Pistol
  179. AR home defense for bumps in the night
  180. A Case For Point Shooting.
  181. CCW permit and travel by car.
  182. trying to qualify
  183. Gangbangers?
  184. 5.11 Covert Shirt & Holster Undershirt
  185. Tactical Home Protection Questions
  186. Basic Firearms Safety Training Video from the Internet
  187. Shooting with bifocal glasses
  188. Tactical Use of Hearing Protection
  189. Lights on Guns?
  190. Casual dress carry
  191. correct pistol form
  192. What level of training is prudent for concealed carry?
  193. Actual Self defense Experience
  194. Carry Ammo Count
  195. Altenative Targets...
  196. Making your practice time benficial
  197. How many rounds qualify as good practice?
  198. more practice ideas
  199. Fearsome sound of a pump action shotgun being racked.
  200. Concept behind M-1 Carbine
  201. Point shooting laser Practice
  202. Pros and Cons for the 223 vs 308
  203. Warning Shots..Good or Bad idea?
  204. Informal Shotgun/Home Defense Ballistic Test!!!
  205. Language when warning a perp.
  206. What Do You Expect The Need For Your Fighting Rifle To Be?
  207. Tell me how crazy I am?
  208. Question for LEO's
  209. After Action Review
  210. A rattle at the bedroom door.
  211. Stupid mistake(s)
  212. Rules of engagement and shooting distance
  213. Let's discuss the North Hollywood shootout
  214. Gunman In School Drill In NJ-bonehead For Sure
  215. Training - Shooting from a moving vehicle
  216. Lets Talk AMMO
  217. Booking Out-of-Town Training and Airfare - The Balancing Act
  218. How many of you CCW two guns at once?
  219. Shooting principles
  220. Are laser sights any good?
  221. What can we learn from the Rodney King riots and looting?
  222. Shooting "weak side"
  223. Aim small miss small
  224. EAG Classes for 2008
  225. 2009 Tactical Conference
  226. Kidnap Victim Shoots Attackers With Their Gun
  227. CCW Class
  228. Southnarc/Lovette/Givens in Memphis, Oct
  229. What a great plan.
  230. Home Invasions on the Rise
  231. Modern Combatives
  232. Civilian Use Of Body Armor
  233. Home Invader/Stalker Stopped Cold 911 Tape
  234. Pointing
  235. Shotgun in the wrong hands
  236. Are there any SWAT team members on here?
  237. Liability Insurance and SD Incidents:
  238. New gun owner cop to be question
  239. Carrying handguns - how much practice do you do?
  240. Just had an ND
  241. I was attacked by dog and shot
  242. CCW: Analyze this
  243. Shotgun Penetration based on shot size
  244. Shertz, Texas gunfight video
  245. How do you react?
  246. Gun fight at park
  247. CCW & Liability Insurance: Update
  248. One very poor tactic...
  249. As a general rule, don't face down four men with long guns with a handgun
  250. For those of you that have CCW, are you certified by the AHA for CPR and AED?