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  1. How Not To Get Shot By A Good Guy
  2. Had to Brandish it
  3. Administering aid to a downed perp in the home.
  4. Cocked and locked baby!
  5. Flat tire scenario
  6. Unique Training Opportunity with Valhalla and Last Man Standing
  7. Fort Worth CHL Holder Shooting of Robber Video
  8. How to Make a Boat Fly
  9. LTL carry revisted
  10. Unprepared and Embarassed
  11. Cheating???
  12. How do you carry daily?
  13. Just took my first CCW course
  14. Shot placement is everything
  15. Goofy HD situation last night
  16. USMC Tng. and Police Academy Tng.
  17. The Best Caliber for a Tactical Situation
  18. I'm sure you've seen this movie clip a million times but I have a question.
  19. Drive by shooting/how should respond?
  20. I couldnt believe this!
  21. Shooting left, with a twist.
  22. Touchy subject
  23. Police Shootout Article + Video + tactics analysis
  24. brandishing
  25. You come out of a WalMart and .........
  26. Ccw
  27. Watch this video of a .50BMG ricochet!
  28. What should I have done?
  29. Carrying update
  30. Scneario - Tiger Attack!
  31. THIS is how stupid people can be in a home invasion...
  32. Carrying! A personal thing!
  33. What do you do if there is unsafe behavior on the range?
  34. The Intimidation Factor Of a various hand guns...
  35. A Few Scenarios for Concealed Weapon Permit Holders....
  36. Anyone read this months G&A article: A Winning Hand?
  37. weaponcraft shooting school
  38. Personal Tasers and Some Police
  39. Changing Up The Home Defense Gun(s)
  40. CCW First Date
  41. Risk
  42. Martial Arts guru vs. a handgunner stories?
  43. Point Shooting
  44. The Benefits of Conceptual Training (long!)
  45. Thinking of retiring my revolvers
  46. Awareness: It only takes a moment to lose a lot!!
  47. Taught my son a lesson in awareness & safety yesterday
  48. Stun gun effectiveness?
  49. What to do about your girlfriend or wife?
  50. Throw Down Wallet (a question for Mas Ayoob)
  51. Can't just blast away!!!!!!
  52. 93 - Year Old Man Fends Off Home Invasion with .38.
  53. Shoot and Run, or Shoot Repeatedly?
  54. home defense gun
  55. Room Mates
  56. Martial Arts guru vs. someone with a stun gun
  57. How many shots would you fire?
  58. Anybody Ever Take Revolver at Thunder Ranch?
  59. The Schlumpy Carrier
  60. Anyone been shot?
  61. Drawing From An Ankle Holster...In A Hurry
  62. Home Invasion: Did Homeowner Go Too Far?
  63. Elevator
  64. Room Mates Part Deux
  65. Kevlar or Carbonfiber
  66. Weapons Retention- Least Emphasized, Most Important
  67. Could have gone real bad
  68. Good SWAT training?
  69. Defending Against Gang Attack
  70. Some kick butt armor
  71. catching a thieving rat in the act
  72. Career as a LEO
  73. Home Defense
  74. Blackwater Training
  75. Anyone a shoot out survivor?
  76. So you think bad guys don't practice?
  77. Gun Handling
  78. Diving to the Right....
  79. ...just a loaf of bread...
  80. lets say im at wal mart and some crazy person.....
  81. How to spot people carrying
  82. Frustrated with few options.......
  83. Use of physical force to prevent Arson.
  84. Human Weapon
  85. Anyone in North Central Florida interested in getting together and training?
  86. (AK) Juneau police officer shoots/kills sword wielding lunatic; criticized by locals
  87. Bugging Out, A new twist.....
  88. Good, Cheap Target Stands
  89. Training Idea
  90. Let's say I am at Target and some crazy guy...
  91. Secondary/backup weapons...what and where?
  92. Self Defense stories
  93. Looting and assaults in Peru...post-disaster to watch
  94. Police Pistol Competition
  95. Police scanner... tactical tool?
  96. Old Fart Tactical
  97. Training, drills, and books for HD/SD?
  98. SHTF fiction recommended reading
  99. Alcohol and Self Defense
  100. Here is something that worries me from time to time...
  101. Point shooting
  102. Training DVD Topics?
  103. Paranoia Spooky house incedent
  104. Carrying Without a CCW Permit??
  105. Shooting tips
  106. Awkward situation, possible benefits of pocket carry
  107. Bike rider looking for good holster
  108. Has anyone seen this? Almost shot his son.... (merged threads)
  109. Ever had an accident?
  110. Lights on your pistols...?
  111. Suarez International info needed
  112. Bear spray for home defense?
  113. Controlling a suspect
  114. What to do?
  115. Front Sight vs. Gunsite?
  116. Cool Training Opportunity/Learning Experience Today
  117. Tactical Literature
  118. What is your preferred carry (concealed) method?
  119. President's view on Zombies
  120. Favorite Man-Purse For Carrying?
  121. Self Defense article
  122. Tactical Mindset when you're a kid?
  123. Utah CCW class near Raleigh?
  124. 'New Bohemians' member Shot & Killed through door
  125. Average Civilian Gunfight Range
  126. Good read.
  127. SD: what would you do
  128. Summer Carry
  129. Video: what would you do for SD?
  130. Keep it a secret?
  131. Training Corner Cases
  132. Mark Twain and Jeffery Kooistra: Drills aren't supposed to be fun, just effective.
  133. LEO's: PCP?
  134. Car panic alarm button
  135. Texas Conceal Carry Class?
  136. How NOT to safeguard your house
  137. What are your opinions on deadly force?
  138. SD Speed & Accuracy: How Am I doing?
  139. Self defense... More than your gun.
  140. Hotel clerk shoots robber - Video
  141. Realistic and practical tactics: Part 1(Video)
  142. Realistic and practical tactics: Part 2
  143. AAR: EAG Carbine Operators, Casa Grande, AZ
  144. Pulling left- P229 Elite 9mm
  145. Cool new drill I came up with. Tests a lot of stuff.
  146. Free professional training...
  147. Boat defense training
  148. Night SD Aids: Lasers, Night Sights etc. ?
  149. Geezer Grapples, Gets Gun From Swaztika Scumbag
  150. AAR - LMS Pistol I Sept 22-23 Las Vegas NV Days 1 and 2
  151. My wife was in shooting range of an armed robber. What would you do?
  152. Open Carry Vs. Concealed carry
  153. CCW and SAA or BP
  154. Shooting tips
  155. Nice article about dry firing practice
  156. Video: 4 GG against 1 BG, Attempted Disarming Gone Wrong
  157. Appleseed...some thoughts
  158. 5 vs 1 in Akron, Ohio true story
  159. downrange.tv
  160. Where is to far? When is not now?
  161. The Value of Competing
  162. What went wrong?
  163. Rednecks follow wrong dude
  164. I was "fake" robbed yesterday
  165. rubber bullets
  166. Ranging for a fight?
  167. When a NAA Mini would be appropriate
  168. When dogs attack...less than lethal force used
  169. Situational Obliviousness
  170. is it unlawful?
  171. Training & Legal Reprecussions
  172. "Situational Obliviousness" part 2
  173. Did I over-react or under-react?
  174. Reciprocal of Parking Lot Thread
  175. Speed and Precision (By Rob Pincus)
  176. When Karaoke Machines Attack
  177. guns around the house
  178. Combat Focus
  179. So...Would Pepper Spray Have Been Bad?
  180. Combat Focus Shooting Podcast.....
  181. Improvised Weapons? Who Needs a Gun when you have Unguents
  182. The BGs got what they deserve! (Video)
  183. Very Little Security In Security
  184. It's 4 a.m., the car alarm is blaring. What do you do?
  185. Tactics LLC. Self Defense in the Home, Tempe AZ
  186. Packin' Granny Shoots Intruder
  187. Opinions on different malfunction clearance procedure ?
  188. Force on Force Training
  189. Darwin Award for Situational Awareness
  190. A shotgun holder for your bed?
  191. Your thoughts please......
  192. Rifles for home defense?
  193. Witnessed a shooting, Froze in place
  194. Real world encounter And Lesson: Always be Equipped for the situation
  195. Hilarious! Crook caught
  196. Boyd's OODA cycle question
  197. Awsome shooter!
  198. HD Hearing Protection?
  199. I have a small problem, need advice.
  200. SC mayoral candidate shootout
  201. Funny AD story
  202. Friend walks in on burglary
  203. Central Florida Training!
  204. Security officer training (PA)
  205. Mini IPSC Targets for Dry Fire Practice
  206. Plinking Safely
  207. Last Night
  208. Holster or not ?
  209. RAM (Real Action Markers) any experience?
  210. bad guy tactics 101
  211. Question about carrying
  212. what's up with the camo targets?
  213. Man killed in home invasion robbery (10-31-07)
  214. Home Invasion suspects arrested
  215. "Tachypsychia"
  216. Saw something the other night
  217. Any good rifle/carbine DVDs out there?
  218. Clint Smith Videos Online
  219. Question for Ledbetter or other...
  220. Here's an unusual situation...bowling?
  221. Stun Gun for self defense? Bad idea!
  222. Mandatory Training for CCW
  223. Who are you?
  224. Civilian Combat Stats
  225. defensive sight, double standards.
  226. Combat Focus Podcast... Update...
  227. Tactical Response Fighting Pistol and AFP AAR
  228. mean dog/advice here helped
  229. Shoot/Dont Shoot Scenario 1
  230. Dreaming??????
  231. 3 BG 1 GG and a choice...?
  232. It's OK to print
  233. Open carry in Va...again
  234. How Much Training is Enough?
  235. How Often Do You Shoot And How Long Have You Had Permit?
  236. Move...you're dead
  237. 223 ammo for home defense?
  238. Range arrest
  239. Anyone interested in training in California
  240. Disappointed in CCW Course
  241. Ladies Day at the range.
  242. Bad Habits! - My opinion of One Trainer’s Opinion – Rob!
  243. Assisting the police
  244. Training Resources!
  245. Scary Range Incident Tonight - or "Sudden Fear of Guns"
  246. moderators
  247. Duelatron/ATS pop up targets?
  248. Scenario that I need opinions on
  249. Thinking of Becoming a Trainer
  250. Stupid Question: holster required for pocket carry?